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Kaiju run the world people! Is Godzillia the King?

Kaijus are awesome, You know it, we know it, so lets get our reptile suits on and talk about them. The Burnt Out Duo get some coffee and talk about Godzillia and all the Kaijus in the world.

Transformers Join The Midnight Gospel. We're Talking Netflix...Again.

Netflix is launching two new series. Transformers and The Midnight Gospel. The Burnt Out Duo have words, strange, nonsensical words.

Deku Can Woop Cloud, My Hero Academia Heroes Rising and Final Fantasy 7 Remake

We talk about My Hero Academia Heroes Rising and the Final Fantasy 7 remake. My hero's new movie finished up in theaters and Enrique failed to play Final Fantasy.

Xsword Bankais for all the Xmen! Plus how we script our webcomic

We are giving the Xmen Xsword Comics some Bamkais to go with those sweet new swords. We are not talking about the easy ones too, we mean the obscure Xmen. Plus, we talk about our comic scripting process for our webcomic Burnt Out Comics.

Marvel Will Control Superman and Batman! Plus how do we decide a concept?

Rumor has it AT&T wants Marvel to help Dc Comics, including Superman and Batman. We also talk about how we pick a concept for our webcomic.

Is Sonic Better than Detective Pikachu?

The Sonic Movie is out, and we talk about what we love, hate, is it better than Detective Pikachu, is Olive Garden worth it?

Whats Better? Morbius Trailer or a Goku Statue?

The Burnt Out Duo discuss the complicated life problems that plague us all, like too many Goku statues and will Morbius suck or be really dope. Reall deep questions. Also support your local comic shop.

Star Wars: Rise of Nerd Rage (Who Are the Burnt Out Duo?)

Meet the Burnt Out Duo! Enrique Rosado and Oscar Fernadez talk introduce themselves and do the unthinkable, criticizes Star Wars!